Next Level Performance

We are a gym built with you in mind. Our mission is to deliver the results that you desire in a fun and motivating atmosphere. At Next Level Performance, our focus is on assessment-based semi-private and personal training. Wherever you are on your fitness journey, we can partner with you to commit to achieving your definition of being healthy and fit.

The Trainers for athletes

We believe everyone is an athlete, and we have the experience and ability to work with all types. There are a lot of athletes that are unaware of the ability they can reach a higher level of fitness when armed with a higher quality of training. We want to help you reach the NextLevel.

Our Approach

Who is it for?

Anyone who desires a simple, effective approach to their health and fitness. Whether you have never seen the inside of a gym, or if you have been training for years, we have the tools and the team to help you get the most from your body for the rest of your life!

How are we different?

Everything is customized for you – we are all a little different and naturally do some things better than others. In order to provide the best possible training experience, your program is constructed around your body and how you move. We find and address limitations while maximizing your strengths to make you a more balanced person. We take pride in utilizing the right exercises for your body and therefore maximizing the training effect. All of this allows us to make each workout safe, effective and challenging. 

Our Services

Working One on One with a trainer is perfect for anyone that is just getting started with working out, is overcoming and injury or just wants all the attention! Private training allows the coach to adjust the workouts for the athlete on the fly. Finding an exercise too easy? We can immediately adjust to a more challenging version. Is the exercise not agreeing with your body? We can move you to a similar exercise that allows you to get the full training effect.

Private (1:1) Training

Semi-Private Training

Semi-private training is perfect blend of individualization and a group workout. Train with small group of people (1-5) while still following your personalized program. This provides all the benefits of 1:1 training but at less than half the cost per session, all while building camaraderie and having fun!
Our small group training sessions give you the freedom to train whatever days of the week fit your schedule, and do so at a much lower price point. Our athletes love the motivation and comradery created in the small group setting as well as our emphasis on individual needs and training plans. With groups never larger than 4, each athlete receives a surplus of personal attention and coaching.


Basic: $139

Standard: $239

Elite: $299

NextLevel: $349

* All Small Group membership Levels include a monthly 60 minute massage and quarterly re-assessments.

Small Group Training

Remote Programming

Ideal for those who are experienced in the gym and want a refreshed, no-nonsense approach and plan to work toward their goals.

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